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Updated 4/28/05

Be brave and try my free models for the various 3D softwares I use, including Vue d' Esprit 3/4/5, Bryce 5.5. Most things were modeled in some version of Rhino.

I have a few new renders posted of my 3D work in little galleries linked on the left side. In case anyone wants to see.

II like Vue d' Esprit even if it is French. Vue is addicting.   Vue 4/5 import Poser pz3 files wonderfully. The new Vue 5 Infinite is an awesome piece of software. Ecosystems are very usefuel and the radiosity rendering works great. Vue is so good now that I have retired Bryce forever from production work.  But thank you DAZ for rescuing Bryce from the recycle bin! Good luck with it.

Please check back here occasionally for new stuff.

And you will have to put up with my warped sense of humor. This page is like a forgotton step child. I get round to it about once every 3 years.



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