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Vue d'Esprit 4.x (Windows) *****
Landscape Generator, Renderer,
Basic modeler with primitives
E-on Software (France)
Demo available on site

Cinema 4D Go (Windows, Mac) ***
Modeler, Renderer, Animation

BodyPaint 3D version 2 (Win, Mac)
UV Mapper, Texture program.

Maxon Software (Germany)

Try the BodyPaint Demo!

  Rhino (Windows) *****
Nurbs Modeler. Wonderful!
Robert McNeel and Associates

Strata 3D Pro (Windows, Mac) ***
Modeler, Renderer, Animation, skinning

  Poser 4 / 5(Windows, Mac) *****
Figures and animation. Good renders too.
Gotta have it!
Curious Labs
  Pixels 3D (Mac) ????
Free downloadable 3D Program for the Mac. Nurbs Modeler, Animation, Render
Pixels Animation Studio
  Terragen v0.8.x (Windows )****
Landscape Generator in Beta
Back in development. Go try this its
awesome and getting better!
Planetside (UK)
Deep Exploration: (Windows) *****
3D Viewer and object format converter.
Don't leave home without it!
Right Hemisphere
  UV Mapper Pro( Win/Mac ) *****
Texture Map Creation Utility for OBJ's
If you make Poser stuff, you'll need this!
Steve Cox Consulting
3D Models 3D Cafe (Assorted types) ****
Free Meshes, Textures, Tutorials, etc.
3D Cafe
  DAZ3D (Win/Mac) *****
Poser Models, Clothes, Props
  Renderosity *****
Poser parts: Textures, Props, Scenery
  Runtime DNA ****
Poser parts: Textures, Props, Scenery

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