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Swisse Sled: Posted 6/18/2001

Modeled in Rhino 2.

Sled is from my recollection of years past when my siblings and I received a special sled from my parents after one of their skiing trips to Zermatt.

Included in the Zip file is a readme on how to use in Poser and where to put the pp2 and rsr files. Works on Vickie/MW. Please read it. It's a smart prop which autoparents to left hand. Then all you have to do is position the left hand and Vickie will haul the sled. Is a little tricky. Zip is called Sledbeta2, but it worked fine so its the real thing.


Also included is a 3DS version of sled for other apps besides Poser.

Texturing and render on left
done in Vue 3.1.

It's not a bad model.

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