Part 5d Embellishments

Add a Journaling Ribbon

Import a vector shape. Duplicate 4 times.
Work on multiple layers, using different effects
and merge modes to create a double wired journaling ribbon.

Tutorial and images copyright 3D Workshop, Inc. 2004

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Slide 1

You will need the following Files to complete this tutorial. Use links and directions listed below.1. JournalRibbonVectorShape.pspimage. Put this file in your Scrapbook project folder.
2. VanGogh.pspimage Pattern (PSP 9 only. Place in My PSP Files/Patterns folder.

If you downloaded the zip or are using the CD version, these images are included in the zip or the CD.

Slide 3

Open the FallTemplate1.pspsimage by clicking the Open Icon on the Main Tool Bar. Browse to and select the file and press Open.

Slide 5

Close the Frame Groups by clicking on the - sign next to the Frame group name.

Select the Background layer.

Slide 7

Choose the Regular Selection variant from the Tool Palette.

Click and drag a selection surrounding the right third of the image.

Slide 11

Right click the title bar and pick copy from the flyout box, to put a copy of the selected part of the current layer on the clipboard.

Slide 12

Close the FallTemplate1 image without saving, by clicking the X on the title bar.

Slide 13

Right click in the grey area of the interface and Paste as a new layer.

Repeat so there are two copies of the image.

Slide 15

Minimize image 1, by clicking the - sign on the title bar.

Slide 16

Click the Open Icon from the main tool bar, browse to and find JournalRibbonVectorShape.pspimage, which you downloaded for this tutorial.

Slide 19

Transfer the vector 1 layer to the Image 2 by grabbing its layer on the layer palette and dragging and dropping it onto Image 2.

Or you can right click copy from the title bar of the vector image, right click paste onto the image2, but it's easier to drag it over.

Close the JournalRibbon image.

Slide 24

Click the Save icon on the main tool bar,

Name this file Journalarea-working.pspimage and save in the project folder.

Slide 26

Right click the vector layer, picking duplicate from the fly out box.

Do this duplicate a total of 4 times so you have 4 copies above the Vector 1 layer.

Slide 30

Pick the first copy above the Vector 1 layer, right click it and rename to Ribbon Bottom.

Right click the next layer up rename it Ribbon Texture.

Repeat with next layer naming it Wire Outside and the top one Wire Inside.

Slide 35

Select the Ribbon Bottom layer, press the + key next to its name to expand it, then double click the new shape sublayer to open the Vector Properties box. (not shown)

Slide 36

The stroke should be checked with the vanGogh pattern showing and width of 5.

If you do not have this pattern, (PSP 9) please download and put the pattern into your My PSP Files/Pattern Folder.

Check the Fill Box, then click on the Fill swatch to open the Material Options.

Slide 38

Choose the pattern tab at the top.

Slide 39

Use the arrow next to the preview thumbnail to open the list of patterns. Go up to the very top and choose image one.

Remember that extra image we have minimized? This is why its still hanging around. :)

Slide 40

Set the scale to 100, and Angle to 0 and press OK.

Then press OK on the Vector Properties to accept the changes.

Slide 42

Right click Ribbon Bottom on the layer palette, Convert to Raster.

Slide 43

Select and expand the Ribbon Texture layer.

Double click the New shape sub-layer.

On the material fly out, make the Fill color solid white.

Slide 48

On the layer palette, set the merge mode on the Ribbon Texture layer to Dissolve and the move the Opacity slider to around 34.

Slide 50

Right click and convert Ribbon Texture layer to Raster.

Slide 51

Right click the Wire Outside layer and convert it to raster.

No changes needed on this one.

Slide 52

Select the Wire Inside Layer then use the zoom tool to close in on the upper corner.

Slide 54

Select the Pen Tool from the Tool Palette.

Slide 55

Select the Edit Mode.

Pick each node around the shape and move in toward the middle to create an inner border.

Use the scroll bars to move around the image.

Remember if you choose to zoom in and out, you will have to reselect the Pen tool.

Slide 58

When you have your inner outline reshaped,

right click the Wire Inside layer and Convert to Raster.

Slide 60

Next let's make the wires look like wire!

Select the Wire Outside layer then do Effects > Inner Bevel from the Menu Bar.

Slide 62

Set the Bevel to 1, Width to 2, Smoothness and Depth to 6, Ambience to 27, Shininess o 89, Angle to 315, Intensity to 41 and Elevation to 36.

Click the Light Color swatch and set the color to 154, 142 112. Press OK

Slide 63

Pick the Wire Inside Layer and repeat the Inner Bevel, either by pressing CTRL + Y on the keyboard or doing an Edit, Repeat Inner Bevel from the Menu Bar.

Slide 65

With the top layer,Wire inside selected right click it and do a Merge > Merge down from the fly out box.

Slide 66

Save the File by pressing the Save Icon on the main tool bar.

Slide 67

On the layer palette, click the eye icons next to all layers except the Wire Outside layer to turn them off.

Slide 68

Select the Magic Wand variant of the Selection tool from the Tool Palette.

Slide 69

Set the Mode to Replace, Match to RGB Value, Tolerance to 20, Check anti-alias and outside.

Click in between the two wires to select this space.

Slide 70

From the Menu Bar do a Selections > Modify, Expand.

On the Expand Box, type in 1 pixel and press OK.

Slide 72

Select the Flood Fill Tool.

Set the foreground color to Pattern then click on the swatch and select either current pattern or Image 1 from the pattern box. (these should be the same, but its image 1 we want)

Slide 74

Click in between the wires in the selection to fill this space.

Slide 75

Do a Selections > Invert from the Menu Bar.

Then, do an Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow from the Menu Bar.

Slide 77

Set the offsets to 4, opacity to 46, blur to 8 and the color to black. Press OK.

Slide 78

Do it again, only change the offsets to -4, -4 and press OK.

Slide 80

Lose the selection. Selections > Select None from the menu bar.

Slide 81

Pick the Wand again, same settings on the Tool Options Palette and select outside the wire.

Slide 83

Invert this selection.

Slide 84

Do a Selections > Modify > Contract from the Menu Bar.

Set the Contract to about 15 pixels or so the selection hits about in the middle of the border.

Slide 86

Switch to the Ribbon texture layer on the layer palette then right click and do a Merge > Merge down to combine this layer with the Ribbon Bottom layer.

Slide 87

Do an Adjust > Blur > Motion Blur from the menu Bar.

Slide 88

Set the direction to 90 and the strength to about 30. Press OK.

Slide 89

Remove the selection.

Slide 90

Select the wire layer again, then the magic wand.

Slide 91

Using the same values on the options palette as before, making very sure that Sample Merged is unchecked, click inside the shape.

Slide 93

Do a Selections > Modify > Expand by 2 pixels.

Slide 95

Invert the selection.

Slide 96

With the Wire Outside layer selected, from the menu Bar, do an Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow...

Slide 97

Set both offsets to 5, the opacity to 75 and the Blur to 20. Press OK.

Slide 98

Remove the selection.

Slide 99

Save the file using the Save Icon on the Menu Bar.

Slide 100

Delete both the Vector 1 Layer and the Raster 1 Layer by right clicking on each and picking Delete from the fly out box. Pick yes from the confirmation box.

Slide 102

Right click the Ribbonbottom layer choosing New Layer Group from the fly out box. Name this group Journal Area and press OK.

Slide 104

On the layer palette, drag the Wire Outside layer into the group dropping it above the Ribbonbottom layers.

Slide 105

Do a File > SAVE AS... and save this file in the project folder naming it Fall04-JournalRibbon.pspimage.

Slide 109

That is it! Close the Image 1 File by clicking on the X in the title bar without saving.

Close the Fall04-JournalRibbon file too.

In the next session we will add the Journal Ribbon to the Fall04Template image.


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