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Khiba's Fall 2008 Tutorial Index

thumbnail model

Composite of Models Part 1:    PSP X2

Use two images of a model, vector lines and styles, tubes, text to make composite. Export to JPEG for the web and email delivery. In part one, prepare the background image, and the model images. Place on working image. Please do all three parts in order. You will need these images to complete the tutorial. Model-2.jpg, Model-3.jpg

Tutorial is suitable for beginners and intermediates with PSPX2. In Viewlet Format. (10 MB)

thumbnail model

Composite of Models Part 2: PSP X2

Continuation of Part 1: Position model layers, add dotted line vector border, frames about models, and text.

Viewlet format ( 7 MB)

thumbnail model

Composition of Models Part 3: PSP X2

Continuation of Part 2. Add tube decorations on a raster layer, crop, tweak and save pspimage. Resize and export to JPEG.

Viewlet format (6 MB)


Composition of Dissimilar Pictures- Part 1:
Composition of Dissimilar Pictures- Part 2:

Startiing with two images of very different sizes, isolate the girl in the larger image using a freehand selection, drop out the background, resize and place on the smaller sunset image. Place then use a mask layer and the paintbrush to smooth out the girl's hairline.

Part 1 works on the image of the girl. Part 2 build on part 1 doing the actual composition.

You will need the following images to complete these exercises. niece.jpg, sunset.jpg

PSP X2 - Viewlet format (9.62 MB) and (13.1 MB)- Should work in PSP 9 and X


Text on the path: PSP X2

Learn to place text on a path, or on a shape, using two ellipses. Learn to reverse a path, to make the text sit properly below a path.

Viewlet format (3 MB)


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