Quick Tip:
Reducing the Glare in a Digital Photo or Scan

October 10th, 2000

Today's very short tip shows how to reduce the glare from a picture or mirror
in a digital photograph or scanned image in Paint Shop Pro 6.
Many thanks to the Buckeye who allowed me to use her image
and her question as the basis for my tutorial for this week.

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Mirrors and picture glass naturally reflect and glare and snarl
at a camera's flash, but the end result can be toned down so its not offensive.

Open the offending image in PSP 6.

(right click on the image on the left in your browser, pick Save image as, then put the image in a folder where you can find it, naming it reflect.jpg.)

Select the Zoom tool from the Tool Palette.

Click to zoom in close to the picture in the image.

Since it has been JPEGed heavily, it will be blocky, but it won't really matter for this exercise.

Fetch the Lasso, the freehand selection tool, from the Tool Palette,

On the Tool Options Palette, toggled on by pressing o on the keyboard, set selection type to Point to Point.

Set feather to 0, no antialias.

Click from corner to corner to select the glass in the picture. Double click to close the selection.

(I had to use a vector line to show this, 'cause the selection would not capture properly. You will see the black and white marching ants instead of this red line!)

Take care to do a decent job with the selection. If the selection doesn't look too good, UNDO and try again.

Promote the selection to a layer by picking Selections on the Menu Bar then Promote to Layer from the drop down list.

On the Layer Palette pick the Promoted Selection Layer.

On the right side of the layer palette, change the merge mode to Difference. First the area under the layer will go totally black on the screen.

Adjust the transparency there, by moving the slider to the left. I picked 51 percent or so.

Have a look at the image on the left. Looks a lot better to me.

Use whatever percentage on the slider that works for you.

However, in the interest of realism, I would hate to remove all the glare making the image look artificial.

To finish, do a SAVE AS from the File Menu, in the PSP format to keep the layers intact, in case you want to change this later.

Then right click any layer on the palette and pick Merge/Merge all from the flyout box. Do a SAVE AS in whatever format suits your needs.

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Original photo and idea used with express permission of the author.

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