Making and Saving Presets in PSP6 for the Sculpture Effect

In today's Tutorial, make a bronze preset in Sculpture Effect,
add several variations building a personal library of related effects.
Also learn how to save a pattern preset to use with Sculpture.

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I call this exercise "Playing Crazily", something I do when I have a few extra minutes or am uninspired to do any 'real' art. The tutorial will work nicely with both PSP6 and 7, but I will only give the instructions in PSP6 speak until we move onto PSP 7 starting in November, 2000.

Part One: Making and Saving Presets

Open a new file in PSP, a little one is fine, with a white background, 72 dpi. I used 200 x 200 pixels.

Pick the Text tool, select a picture font or a heavy thick font and type one big letter at 72 points. Use Vector, so the text can be resized without loss of quality later. Click OK to set the text. Color doesn't matter! I used basic red. See image below.

I used the Goblins font available from Scriptorium on the web. They have some really neat Halloween Fonts as well as historically based fonts!

Scriptorium also features a neat Font Club where the give you a new font each month. Goblins is a special favorite of mine.

With the Text tool still active, mouse over the control handles on the grey border of the text object.

When the cursor changes to a 2 or 4 headed arrow, click grab the handles and stretch the text as big as will fit into the window. This makes it easier to see.

With the vector work done, go to the Menu Bar at the top of PSP, click the word Layers then Convert to Raster from the drop down list. Effects work only on Raster layers.


Here comes the fun part!

Go to Image on the Menu Bar, then Effects, then Sculpture...

We will set up a series of presets based on a bronze look. Without EVER leaving the Sculpture dialog box.

On the Sculpture Dialog box, pick Copper as a starting Preset from the drop down box near the top. We will change the parameters, save it a the basic bronze then vary it by add a textures.

Set the following:
Smoothness: 63
Depth: 46
Ambience: -25
Shininess: 54

Color: Click the swatch by the color and type in the following values in the RGB boxes:
R 134, G 109, B 54

Intensity: 44
Elevation: 62

Let's save this starting point bronze as a preset!

At the top of the Sculpture dialog box, under the Presets box, click the SAVE AS button.

Enter the name Bronze Base and click Save. There we have our starting point!

If you click presets drop down box, you will see Bronze base saved there! Cool Huh!


If we applied this to the image
it should look like this.

But WAIT...

Without applying let's make another Bronze based preset.



(Yours may not be #16
in the list. Depends on
how much customizing
you've already done.)

On the Sculpture dialog box, on the left side, click the Pattern drop down box and pick the pattern that looks like goldish rocks.

Set the pattern size to 44 percent using the slider bar. Notice how the preview shows a Battered Bronze look.

That's a great name for our preset! So save this variant by clicking the Save As button again and typing in Battered Bronze!

If you applied this, it should look similar to the image on the left.

Before leaving let's make one more variation on the bronze theme.

Pick a different pattern from the list that looks like the one below. Greenish metal treadlike thing...

I made the following changes to the settings:

Pattern Size: 37
Ambience + 25
and Intensity 48.

All the others stayed the same.

Save this Preset as Weathered Bronze.


Let's take break here,
so hit the OK button
on the dialog box to
apply the Sculpture effect.

Looks pretty neat, eh?


Should you forget to save a preset before applying the effect, go back to the Sculpture dialog box from the Effects menu, and PSP will show you the Last Used setting. Then click the Save As button and name the preset. PSP makes it hard to lose settings!
A nice touch!

Part Two: Making a new pattern to use with the Sculpture effect.

Hmm, in my crazy play session, I felt I needed a Bronze with just a touch of texture, to form up as Pitted Bronze. But there wasn't a preset texture available from the Sculpture pattern list to fit my needs. So I decided to make one, and thus, so shall you. }:

Actually we will make two new textures, and save them as pattern files so they will show up on the pattern list in Sculpture Effects. :)

OK. Start a new file by clicking on the white paper icon on the Tool Bar at the top of PSP. When the dialog box opens, just click the OK button to open a file 200 X 200 etc., same as the last.









Go to Image on the Menu Bar and Pick Noise and ADD... from the flyout boxes.
Set the percent slider to about 48 and check Uniform Noise. Click OK to add the noise to the image.
It should have a speckly randomly colored look as on the left.

Since we don't want to alter the colors of our Sculpture bronze with the pattern, let's make this a greyscale image.

Go to Colors on the Menu Bar and pick Greyscale from the flyout box. Now all we see is shades of grey. (Below)

I think we need a little more oomph on this to make the pattern stand out, so let's fiddle with it a bit more.

On the Menu Bar go to Colors, Adjust, Highlight/Midtone/ Shadow.

On the HMS dialog box, move the highlight slider up to 100 and Shadow slider to about 61. Leave the midtone slider where ever it is.

Press the OK button.


OK, but its still bit flat. Go to Image/Sharpen/Sharpen More.

On the right is a nice pebbled look. =====>

OK that its. Now to save as a pattern! Go to File on the Menu Bar and pick SAVE A COPY AS...from the flyout box. On the Save Copy As dialog box, browse to the Paint Shop Pro 6 folder and select the Patterns folder.

From the Save as type drop down box, select Windows or OS/2 Bitmap, (bmp)

In the File name area type in aaapits.pat

Click the Save button.



NOTE: This is one of the few times when you would change the extension from the default, such as bmp to something else.

PSP6 uses the extension pat to refer to a pattern, but its actually in the windows bmp format!

Before we test the new pattern in the Sculpture Effect let's make another one right quick like.

Using the same image, set the foreground color to white on the color palette by clicking the foreground color swatch and picking white from the palette.









Go to Image, Other and Hot Wax Coating from the Menu Bar.

Wow, now we have a heavy pebble effect.

Again go to SAVE A COPY AS from the the File Menu and like last time. Pick Windows BMP as Type. Give the pattern a name like aaarocks.pat and Save.

Let's test these out with the Bronze Sculpture preset.

Activate the Image with the text or picture font on it by clicking its Title bar.

If you like what you see, add this to the presets for the bronzes. Press the Save as button at the top of the dialog box and name this preset Pitted Bronze.


Go to Image, Effects and Sculpture from the Menu Bar.

By default, The Weathered Bronze should be showing, only its says Last Used in the Presets box.

Go to Pattern and from the drop down, scroll up to the top. Right under the solid colored patterns should be both the new ones we made.

(There was a reason to name them aaapits and aaarocks. Can you guess why?)

Pick the first one, (pits) and make the following adjustments to the settings: Size to 74 percent. Ambience to 0.



If applied, the image
should look like this.

OK one more Bronze preset and we will be done!

Using the settings for Pitted Bronze, pick The other new pattern we made from the Pattern drop down box.

It should be right next to the Pitts one. ;)

Keep the settings the same except for Intensity.

Raise Intensity to 65.

Save this preset again as Hammered Bronze.

If applied, Hammered Bronze would look like this.


OK, Finished So much for our crazy play day. I hope everyone had fun.

Part 3: For the Geek in all of us

I suggest experimenting wildly with presets, making a big library of them. The files presets generate are very small. They are text files! For example, Here is what a preset actually looks like! File name is Hammer Bronze.psc found in Paint Shop Pro 6/Presets. I opened with a text editor, NotePad, and look what I found?

[Sculpture] TextureScale=74

And you can share presets with friends!


Browse to the PSP6 folder then find Presets Folder. Look for the bronze presets.

Add them to a ZIPped file.

If you used custom patterns, add the patterns to the zip folder as well. You will find them in the PSP6 Folder in the Patterns Folder. Attach the ZIP file to an email.

Let the friend know to unZIP the psc files to the presets folder and the patterns to the patterns folder. That's all there is to it!

Hint, the PSP Browser will view the pattern files!

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