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  August 11, 2005 - How to Import a Custom Brush into PSP9

  Import a custom brush (courtesy of Lyndie at
  created in version 7 and use in general sense. You will need to
  download the two zipped brushes for this tutorial.
  and (viewlet)

  August 18, 2005 - Using Custom Brushes to the Max

  How to adjust settings on the tool options palette, brush variance palette
  and how to make a new brush preset. You will need the
  from above. (viewlet)

  August 25, 2005 - Making Brush from Photo

  Cut a flower out of a photographic using selection tools, modify the
  selection to soften edges. Export as a Custom Brush.
  You will need Rose-6203.jpg to complete this tutorial as written.

  September 1, 2005 - Making Custom Brush from Graphic

  Build an image from scratch in PSP9 using text, fills, tubes, effect
  and frame  then export as a custom brush. No extra files needed for
  this weeks tutorial.

September 15, 2005 - Custom Graphic from Brushes

  Build an image from scratch in PSP9 using custom brushes, graphics, text.
  Give it a grunge look and as is or crop to fit.

  You might want to use Fairy.psd from this zip as the tutorial dictates.


September 29, 2005 - Image Correction 1: Tonality

   Using the histogram as a guide, correct the tonality (contrast) in a digital
   photograph using a levels adjustment layer (PSP 9/PSP X)

   Please download SantaFe-3595.jpg for this exercise.

Image fix 2 th

October 6, 2005 - Image Correction 2: Tonality plus Midtone

   Using the histogram as a guide, correct the tonality (contrast) in a digital
   photograph using a levels adjustment layer for blacks, whites and midtones    (mid greys) enhancing the image yet retaining the mood. PSP 9/PSP X)

   Please download BostonHarbour-3673.jpg for this exercise.


October 13, 2005 - Image Correction 3: Partial Adjustment

   Create two levels layers. One to adjust tonality overall. Second Levels layer
  adjusts the bottom half of the image, containing deep shadows. Paint out
  part of the second layer making the layer a partial adjustment layer.
  (PSP 9/PSP X)

   Please download Durango-3163.jpg for this exercise.


October 20, 2005 - Image Correction 4: Tonality & Color Cast

  Use Levels adjustment layer on cloud image to fix tonality. Work in the blue
  channel to correct yellow cast.
  (PSP 9/PSP X)

   Please download Cloud-0301.jpg for this exercise.


October 27, 2005 - Customize! Retrieve Unused PSP9 Tools

  To complete Image Fix 5 tutorial in PSP X, customize the Enhance Photo Tool
  Bar by adding Automatic Colour Correction and Manual Color Correction tools
  from PSP 9, which are hidden in PSP X. (PSP X)



October 27, 2005 - Image Correction 5: Color Cast Removal

  Explore 4 ways to remove a heavy color cast from an image in PSP 9 and X.
  To complete this exercise as written in PSPX please do the Customize!   tutorial above to set up the Enhance Photo ToolBar.
  Three of the 4 methods will work in PSP9.

  Please download BabyArm.jpg for this exercise.


November 1 , 2005 - Image Correction 6: Cut in New Sky

  A quick and easy way to replace an ugly washed out sky in a photo with
  a sky from another image. PSP 9 and X. Use layers and a selection.

  Please download NeedsASky.jpg and CTexasCloud.jpg for this exercise.


 November 10 , 2005 - Image Correction 7a: Sharpen for Web

  Explore Unsharp Mask (PSP9/X) and High Pass Sharpen (X) and their settings
  when preparing an image for web or email viewing.

  Please download BOP-0341sm.jpg for this exercise.


 November 10 , 2005 - Image Correction 7b: Sharpen for Print

  Explore Unsharp Mask (PSP9/X) and High Pass Sharpen (X) and their settings
  when preparing an image to print on home inkjet type printer.

  Please download BOP-0341.jpg for this exercise.


 November 17 , 2005 - Image Correction 8: Basic Scripting

  Create a basic script which copies merged layers, pastes as new layer,
  applies two instances of Unsharp mask and renames the layer.
  Explore applications of script including editing and saving a second version.
  (PSP 9 and X )

  Please download Bugs-9315.pspimage for this exercise.


December 8 , 2005 - Final Exam!

  A 20 question mulitple Choice and True False test to see how well you learned the Image Correction Lessons. Covers Tonality, Colour Correction, Sharpening, and formats. Test does NOT report to anyone but you, so not to worry if you do poorly. You will have two chances on each question to choose the right answer. There is only one correct choice per question.