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As of November 1, 2004 this page has been reworked. Oldest tutorials are listed at the bottom and most recent at the top. Most PSP 8 tutorials listed on this page are on, or will be available on, one of Khiba's Tutorial CDs.
  Partial Adjustment Layer- Brightness Contrast PSP8

Create a new adjustment layer, set the brightness contrast levels, then fill with black to make transparent. Turn on the Mask Overlay to help paint, and paint with white to bring out the adjustment on part of the image. (Summer04)

  Partial Adjustment Layer using HSL. PSP8

Learn how to use an adjustment layer, then fill with black to make transparent then use the paint brush tool with white to restore the adjustment to parts of the image. (Summer04)

  Viewlet: Clone Tool (Part3) PSP8

Use the clone tool to repair the background of an image, removing an unsightly electrical cord. (Summer04)

  Viewlet: Clone Tool (Part2) PSP8

When cloning from one image to another tutorial covers:1. Resizing the images to fit, using relative size on Zoom 2. More on using Aligned and Unaligned modes 3. Bit depth issues from source to target 4. How selections affect target and source images. (Summer04)

  Viewlet: Clone Tool Basics: (Part 1)  PSP8

Learn basic use of the clone tool in PSP 8. How to clone from one image to another, from one image to a new layer on another image, from the background of an image to a layer on the same image. How the aligned and non aligned modes work. Using Sample Merged. (Summer04)

  Viewlet: Create 24Bit PNG file with Transparency:

Use a preset shape on a transparent background then export to PNG (WS 04)

  Viewlet: Alpha Channel: PSP8

Create, save selection to the alpha channel (JDavis) (WS 04)

  Viewlet: Masks2 PSP8

Use the masking tool with a custom brush. (JDavis) (WS 04)

  Viewlet: How2:  PSP8

Create a custom brush and save it. (JDavis) (WS 04)

  Viewlet: Masks 101 PSP8

Learn the basics of masking using a layer mask. (JDavis) (WS 04)

  Viewlet: Masks: PSP8

In PSP 8, masks seem mysterious and difficult to use. Follow this simple tutorial to understand masks and make them a valuable tool in your PSP arsenal. Make a framed photo using masks, selections and layers. (WS 04)

  Viewlet: Color Cast: PSP8

Remove a red or green color cast from photos using 3 Adjust tools in PSP8. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: From Preset Shape to Picture Tube: PSP8

Use a custom Preset Shape to create a Tube file and export it for use. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Custom Palette: PSP8

Create, save and use a custom color palette. Make an image palette. Re-map colors in an image using saved color palette. (Fall 03 CD)

  Create and Save a Vector Shape: PSP8

Make a floppy disk using preset vector shapes and export to use as a shape preset. (JDavis) (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Install A Tube: PSP8

Export an earlier TUBE file to the PSP 8 Picture Tube folder. (JDavis)  (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Boo!: PSP8

Make a Halloween greeting using text, several drop shadows and spiky halo effect for a wild and crazy card. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Custom Filter with Artistic Brush Effect: PSP8

Use PSP 8 to create a custom artsy effect on a photo. (JDavis) (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Worn Metallic Frame Text and Buttons

Use vector preset shapes and PSP's Sculpture Effects to make a simple frame, with text and buttons to match. (JDavis) (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Halloween Card: PSP8

Use a photo, layers, blend modes, special effects, text and a picture frame to create a printable 4 X 5 inch card. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Photo Frame1: PSP8

Create a greeting card from a digital photo. Use picture frames, layers, Flood Fills to complete project. (Fall 03  CD)

  Viewlet: Wild Tiles : PSP8

Use pattern fill, Antique Mosaic or Tile texture and Kaleidoscope Effects to make some pretty tiles. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Cat's Eye Red Out  PSP8

Use the Vector Tools in version 8 to create a Jack O Lantern for Halloween. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Vector Pumpkin: PSP8

Use the Vector Tools in version 8 to create a Jack O Lantern for Halloween. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Warp Brush Tool: PSP8

Use the Warp Brush variant of the Paint Brush Tool on a tulip in an image to create an amaryllis. Silly fun. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Perspective Correction Tool: PSP8

Found under the Deformation tool, the Perspective Correction tool helps straighten leaning elements in an image. (Fall 03 CD)

  Viewlet: Mesh Warp Tool: PSP8

This tutorial utilizes layers, selections, gradient and pattern fills as well as the mesh warp (deformation) tool to make digital drapes. (Fall03 CD)

  Photo Rescue 101PSP8

Cut a new sky into a washed out sky image in a few easy steps.

  Create Brush Tip from Selection: PSP8

Use the vector pen tool to create shapes. Rasterize, select and create a brush tip. Create a Tool preset from the Brush Tip.

  Get to know the Brush Variance PalettePSP8

Make a Tool Preset using a variety of settings with the Brush Variances. Part 2 of 2. Please complete Exploring the Brush Tool in PSP8  (below) first.

  Exploring the Brush Tool in PSP8:  PSP8

In Part 1 of this 2 part tutorial, explore the paint brush tool, its options, create a new brush tip saving it for future use.

  Shape Tool and Editing Vector ObjectsPSP8

Create a preset shape, edit using the Knife Tool, place and edit Text on a Path. Note: Builds on Taming Text Tool (below.) 

  Taming the Text Tool: PSP8

Learn to use the revised text tool in PSP8 efficiently and without frustration.

  Batch Process with Script: PSP8

How to use a pre made script when doing a batch process of several files.

  Basic Scripting in PSP8. PSP8

Learn how to make a simple script to help process images. Save the script and run on other images.

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