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As of Sept 12, 2004 this page has been reworked.  Oldest tutorial are listed at the bottom and most recent at the top. All PSP tutorials listed on this page are now available on Khiba's PSP 7 Tutorial CD. Please see page 1 for the PSP 8 Tutorial Archive.
  Creating a Manual Drop Shadow: PSP7

Learn to make a manual drop shadow in PSP 7, fill it with a gradient fill and manipulate separately from the object it shadows.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Decorative Edges: PSP7

Use PSP's built in filters, selections and layers for creating decorative and fancified borders for images and to save as Frame presets.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Canning Label: PSP7

Create a printable canning label using vector shapes, text on a path and a few effects. Use PSP's print multiple images feature to make a sheet of labels. Caution: graphics intensive - slow loading.
(PSP 7 CD)

  Color Management: PSP7

Explore the Monitor Gamma adjustment and Color Management options in PSP 7 and see it they can work for you.  
(PSP 7 CD)

  Create an Award: PSP7

Create an award template to individualize for several recipients. Use layers, text, drop shadows, border and Splat! frame. Caution: very graphics intensive - slow loading page! 

(PSP 7 CD)

  Exploring the Retouch Tool - Part one: PSP7

The Retouch Tool is used to make changes to part of an image using one of the modes on the Options Palette. See how each mode affects the image.


  Exploring the Retouch Tool - Part two: PSP7

Continuing exploration of the Color Modes of the Retouch tool and why they work as they do. Learn how each of the last 10 options works.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Tube Etiquette and Creation: PSP7

An 8 Section Tutorial covering all aspects of creating a tube from scratch; Copyright Issues, Scanning, Selecting and Preparing Objects, Refining and Resizing, Creating a Pre-Tube Image, Exporting the Tube, Controlling the Tube Options and Creating an Image from the Tube. Graphics intensive! Long load times possible. (PSP 7 CD)

  On Making Selections: PSP7

Whether or Not to Anti Alias or Feather a Selection on the Tools Option Palette before Making the Selection.
(PSP 7 CD)

  Digital Imaging: Tonal and Color Adjustments: PSP7

Explore how to correct tonal values and color problems in photos, from Adjustment Layers to PSP7's Enhance Photo tools.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Text Effects using a MaskPSP7

Learn a neat text effect using mask from selection, where the underlying image can shift, create a custom gradient fill, and apply cutout and shadow.
(PSP 7 CD)

  Tone & Color Corrections/ Red Eye Removal: PSP7

Remove a color cast with PSP 7's Auto Color Balance, improve tonality with Manual Color Correction and remove Red-Eye in Digital Photo.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Another look at the Histogram: PSP7

In this shortie we will look at several example images and one real life example trying to make sense of the histogram. (PSP 7 CD)

  Photo Fun!        PSP7

Learn how to use the Threshold color filter effect to change the whole look of a photograph.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Advanced Selections and Compositing:  PSP7

Part 1: Transparent Selecting and Underpainting. Paste a light fixture from one photograph into another, adjust size to fit, color, and blend.
(PSP 7 CD)

  Advanced Selections, Masks and Compositing: 7

Part 2: Using masks made from layers, selections, gradients with blend range settings to form composited image.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Turn Scanned Greens into Tubes: PSP7

Starting with a preset vector shape and adding details on both vector and raster layers, we end up with 4 ornaments in a tube.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Create Christmas Ornaments: PSP7

Starting with a preset vector shape and adding details on both vector and raster layers, we end up with 4 ornaments in a tube.


  Mastering the Magic Wand: PSP7

Wanda, the Wicked Witch of the Toolbox, is one of the essential tools to master for image editing. Explore its options!

(PSP 7 CD)

  Understanding Masking in PSP: PSP7

Learn a nondestructive way to hide and reveal parts of a layer to interact with the underlying image.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Using PSP's Capture Feature: PSP7

Walk through setting up PSP's Capture utility and learn the basics of its use.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Exploring Layer Blend Modes: PSP7

Visually experience the various layer blend modes in PSP7 on three images.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Crowning the King: PSP7

Learn how to copy a piece from a 8 bit GIF image onto a 24 Bit JPEG image and manipulate into position.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Digital Cosmetic Surgery 2: PSP7

Continue using the Cloning Tool in PSP 7 lop off a man's pony tail, repair the background behind it, then re-hair his shaved head.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Digital Cosmetic Surgery: PSP7

Work with the Cloning Tool in PSP 7 to clean up a man's face and hair.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Textured Text on Textured Path: PSP7

Using PSP's Vector Text and Drawing Tool, place stroked and textured text on a textured curved path. Adjust the space between letters. edit the distance of text from the path. (PSP 7 CD)

  Removing Moiré Patterns: PSP7

Learn 3 ways to remove the dot patterns from scans of newspapers, books or magazines.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Tube Control in PSP 7: PSP7

Learn how to convert tubes from prior versions to PSP7, create a new tubes folder using the Browser, use File Locations to change to default save tubes folder then manually convert a tube to PSP7 version.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Customizing PSP 7's Interface: PSP7

Learn how to create a custom toolbar for working on photographs. Save time and energy while you work.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Evergreen Tree: PSP7

Use the vector line drawing tool in PSP7 to create an evergreen branch. Create a tube from the branch then build a whole tree using the tube.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Get the Red Out: PSP7

Use the new Red-Eye Removal feature in Paint Shop Pro 7 to remove red eyes in pets and people in a photograph.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Pixels in the Dark: PSP7

Use the Gamma Correction in PSP6/ Histogram Adjustment in PSP7 to find clues in darkness of a digital photograph. (PSP 7 CD)

  Halloween Greeting:  PSP7

Learn about Paint Shop Pro Version 7's new Color Palette features, Stroked Text and Styled Lines while making a Halloween Greeting card. (PSP 7 CD)

  Taming the Wild Selection: PSP6

Practice the technique of making and modifying selections using the Rectangular and Freehand selection tools. (PSP 7 CD)

  Reducing the glare: PSP6

Reduce the amount of glare from the reflections in a picture in a scan or digital photo.

(PSP 7 CD)

  Playing Crazily: PSP 6

Making and storing presets with the Sculpture Effect.

Create a basic Sculpture preset and add variations to build a library for later use. Also learn how to save a pattern in PSP6. (PSP 7 CD)

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