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Exploring PSP 9 (second page)

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This springs tutorials are in the Viewlet (SWF) format.


January 6, 2005: Introduction to PSP 9 Color Picker

Explore PSP 9's new color picker model, the Frame. Also use the swatch tab and save personal colors for later use.  (Viewlet - 1.2 meg)



January 13, 2005: Magic Wand Options in PSP 9

Explore the contiguous and uncontiguous options on the tool palette for the for the magic wand tool. (Viewlet - 386 kb)


January 27, 2005: Creating a Digital Alphabet in PSP 9

Create a capital A using a font, tube images, inner bevel and sculpture effects.  (Viewlet - 2.1 meg)


February 3, 2005: Compositing Digital Alphabet Letters

Composite individual letters from the alphabet created in January 27 tutorial by dragging and dropping onto new image from the browser.

(Viewlet - 2.74 Meg)


May 5, 2005: Exploring the History Palette

Take a quick look at the power of the new history palette in PSP9!

(Viewlet - 2.12 Meg)