SwishMax Tutorials - Summer 2005

Basic tutorials to help you get started with SwishMax
These tutorials are geared to PSP 9 users.

Tutorials are in the viewlet format and require swf plugin for your browser.
Most folks have this installed already. Enjoy!

Tutorial 1:
Introducing SwishMax 

Learn the interface and how to animate two
text objects with effects.
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Tutorial 2.
Editing in SwishMax

Learn to edit effects, change duration of effects, change effect position on the timeline, add
and remove frames, navigate the timeline,
restack the objects, add and edit a preset shape.
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Tutorial 3.
Preparing images in PSP9

Learn a good way to edit images and export to
24 bit png format with transparency to work in SwishMax.
This tutorial prepares images for Tutorial 4.

Images only

Tutorial 4 - Part 1
Using images in Swish

Create a movie using images made in tutorial 3. Learn to apply an effect to more than one actor at a time, stagger their effects scale an image to size using the transform panel and duplicate actors.

Use premade images

Tutorial 4 - Part 2
Using images in Swish -part 2

Continue from Tutorial 4 Part 1 by importing the donkey, moving him across the stage while kicking using Transform Panel. Add text and Fade out to all images.

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Tutorial 5
Adding Sound to Swish Project

Learn 2 methods of adding sound to a Swish Project. Method 1 is using a simple sound track. Method 2 is using basic scripting to play and stop sounds for using more than one sound in a scene. You will need the sounds in the zip below and the completed project from tutorial 4b to do tutorial 5.

Zipped Sounds (tutorial5.zip)

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Tutorial 6- Part 1
Project -Create a Photoshow1

Use all previews lessons to create a photoshow with music from 10 of your own digital photos or art work. This project tutorial introduces grouping, using scenes and some basic scripting. In three parts.

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Tutorial 6 - Part 2
Project -Create a Photoshow2

Continue from Tutorial 6 Part 1.You will need to do part 1 in order to do part 2 of this project tutorial.

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Tutorial 6 - Part 3

Project -Create a Photoshow3

Finish up the Photoshow tutorial by adding music and do basic scripting. Do parts 1 and 2 before this part. To use my music file download below.

Zipped Music File

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Tutorial 7 - Part 1

Create an Animated Greeting Card.

As a final project for this series of tutorials in Swish Max, create an animated greeting card using background images, a transparent png, creating scenes, using a sprite, add 2 buttons, music and sounds, and exporting in two size/quality version.  Each part builds on the one before. Please do in order.

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Images for Tutorial 7 part 1 and 2

Tutorial 7 - Part 2

CreateAnimated Greeting Card part 2

Use images created in 7- part 1 to create an animated Eagle Sprite.

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Extra Tutorial - Transform Panel

Transform Panel

Use the Eaglesprite created in tutorial 7 part 2 to understand the transform panel in SwishMax. These skills will come in really handy for Tutorial 7 part 3.

Tutorial 7 - Part 3

Create Animated Card part 3

Create background for main scene, fading images in and out. Add Sprite and animate through the scene. *hardest tutorial of series* as not all steps are shown.

Images for Tutorial 7 part 3 includes EagleMove.txt

Tutorial 7 - Part 4

Create Animated Card part 4

Add an intro scene, Add a button and script states,  add sound and goto and play action. Add in text effects, rename scenes.

Sounds for Tutorial 7

Tutorial 7 - Part 5

Create Animated Card part 5

Add and ending scene with interactive button an sound. Restack layers into proper play order.

Sounds in zip above.

Tutorial 7 - Part 6

Animated Card part 6

Finish the animated card by adding music and sounds to the scenes, with some scripting. Export high quality version, tweak background images and export lower quality version.

Sounds in zip above

Preview Movie (low quality)

These tutorials are copyright 2005 3D Workshop, Inc.
No distribution further distribution permitted without express
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